“Integration XXI Century” International School  (Moscow, Russia); the City Hall of Zadar; the Government of the Zadar Region; Blagoe Bersy Music School (Zadar, Croatia); Lutaka Children’s Drama Theatre (Zadar, Croatia); with the kind sponsorship of the Vladimir Spivakov International Children’s Charity Foundation and personal involvement of His Excellency the Russian Ambassador to Croatia, are holding an international festival contest of the Arts on the Adriatic coast, in one of the oldest European historical and cultural centres — Zadar.
The Festival will be held between 15 and 21 June 2020 at Zadar’s most prestigious venues. 

The children’s international orchestra, led by the greatest violinist and conductor, national artist of Russia, Maxim Fedotov, announces a contest to form a class of young performers, age of 13-18, to be specialized in the stringed, brass and percussion instruments in order to participate in the Opening and Closing program of the festival.
Orchestra members participating in the Opening and Closing of the festival are charged no festival fee.
Please send the filled application form of participation and video files to the following e-mail address: (with reference “for Maxim Fedotov”).

The Festival aims to:
  • bring together children from different parts of the world through the arts, promoting the celebration of different national cultures;
  • develop interethnic and international cultural relations;
  • identify, support and promote talented young performers and creative teams;
  • develop the aesthetic and humanitarian education of children and youth throughout Europe and the world.