«Children for a better world!»

International school “XXI Century Integration” (Moscow, Russia), the mayor’s office of Zadar, the government of Zadar region, music school Blagoje Bersa (Zadar city, Croatia), Zadar puppet theatre Lutaka (Zadar city, Croatia) in cooperation with the International children’s charity Fund of Vladimir Spivakov, and with the personal participation of the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Croatia, will hold the International contest-festival of arts on the coast of the Adriatic sea, ancient historical and cultural center of Croatia and Europe – Zadar city. The contest will be held from 15 to 21 of June at the best theatre stages of the city. The official opening ceremony of the contest-festival will be held by the Russian Ambassador to Croatia A. S. Asimov

Tasks and objectives::

  • uniting together children from different parts of the world through art activities;
  • promotion of different national cultures cohesion;
  • development of interethnic and international relations in the field of culture;
  • identification, support and promotion of talented young performers and art collectives;
  • aesthetic and humanitarian upbringing and education of children and youth.


Nomination “CHOREOGRAPHY”:

(collectives, soloists, duets and small forms)

  • classical dance;
  • folk choreography;
  • sports choreography (hip-hop, disco, techno, street, break dance, as well as other street styles);
  • modern choreography (jazz, modern, neoclassical, contemporary);
  • pop choreography (modern ballet, show groups, step);
  • ballroom choreography.

Terms of participation:

  • every team is to provide 1 or 2 choreographic compositions in one category lasting 2-5 minutes. Each soloist — one number up to 4 minutes;
  • all the compositions must be recorded on a flash-drive;
  • в in the application it should be specified whether the breakdown or split of program compositions is needed or the program will be played in one performance block.

Nomination “THEATER”::

  • drama performance;
  • musical performance and musical;
  • fashion theater, fashion collections, fashion shows, catwalk.

Terms of participation:

  • dramatic or musical performance — one performance for not more than 30 minutes;
  • mobile decorations are allowed, phonograms are to be handed over in advance in electronic form. It is compulsory to fill in the technical rider in the application.

Nomination “ART VOCAL”:

  • academic vocals (solo and ensemble), folk vocals (solo and ensemble);
  • pop-jazz vocals (solo and ensemble);
  • rock and rap (solo and ensemble);
  • choir.

Terms of participation:

  • ensemble, trio, duet, soloist – 2 different compositions;
  • chorus – any program, timing: not more than 10 minutes. The repertoire is at your choice;
  • phonogram on a flash-drive;
  • in the application it should be specified whether the breakdown or split of program compositions is needed or the program will be played in one performance block.


  • pianoforte solo, piano ensembles in 4 hands;
  • pianoforte duet;
  • folk instruments (soloists and ensembles);
  • orchestral instruments (soloists and ensembles);
  • soloists and ensembles: guitar, violin, cello, double bass;
  • percussion;
  • orchestras.

 Terms of participation:

  • each performer is to provide 2 contest compositions, timing: not more than 10 minutes.


  • drawing;
  • folk crafts;
  • gobelin tapestry, batique;
  • decoupage.

Terms of participation:

  • not more than three compositions performed in one technique.

Nomination “ART WORD”:

      • prose;
      • fable;
      • poetry;
      • documentary genre
      • epistolary genre

Age groups for all nominations:

      • Group A – under 8 years old
      • Group B – 9-12 years old
      • Group C – 13-15 years old
      • Group D – 16-18 years old

Jury of the contest

The jury comprises well-known personalities of culture and art, academicians, professors, associate professors of higher musical educational establishments in Russia and Europe:

Chairman of the Jury: Maxim Viktorovich Fedotov (Russia)

Soviet and Russian violinist and conductor, national artist of Russia, laureate of all-Russian and international contests and competitions. Soloist of the Moscow Philharmonic Society, Professor of the Moscow Conservatory.

Natalia Yurievna Vorobieva-Hrzic (Croatia)

Soviet actress, writer and poet, member of the Union of writers of Russia and Croatia.

Igor Gluic (Croatia)

Famous Croatian artist (painter), member of the Croatian Academy of Arts

Alexei Alexandrovich Dubyansky (Russia)

Director of The Children’s Art School No. 4 named after Yu. A. Vostrelov, Omsk; associate Professor of the Culture and Arts faculty of the Omsk State University named after F. M. Dostoevsky, chairman of the methodical Council of Omsk in “folk instruments” field; expert of the Ministry of Education of the Omsk region in sphere of certification of teachers and pedagogical personnel; art director and conductor of the folk instruments orchestra “Academy” of Omsk, laureate of all-Russian and international contests and competitions.

Karavida Branka Višić (Croatia)

Honorary member of the Commonwealth of Croatian Musicians and Choreographers, conducting the selection and training of talented youth. Member of the jury of international musical contests and competitions. The Director of the music school “Blagoye Bersa” (city of Zadar).

Maria Petrovna Nefedova (Russia)

Music Director and soloist of the Pokrovsky Ensemble. Teacher of vocal-plastic (figurative) and speech technique in Russia, the USA and Germany. Laureate of international contests and competitions. Member of the Union of theatrical workers of the Russian Federation.

Pavic Iris (Croatia)

Director and Art Manager of the puppet theatre of Zadar.

Luko Paljetak (Croatia)

Writer, interpreter, academician of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts; author of numerous books in the genre of poetry, books for children, scientific research papers, articles, essays and anthologies.

Alexander Lyvovich Khurgin (Russia)

Art director and conductor of the chamber orchestra “Cantus Firmus” of the Moscow State Pedagogical University.


The Grand Prix of the festival was established in each category – it constitutes 500 euros. Participants of the contest-festival will be awarded with special prizes and diplomas. In every nomination and age category there are established the titles of I, II, III degree Laureates, as well as titles of I, II, III degree Diploma winners. Special prizes will be presented to the participants of the contest-festival by the International Charity Fund of Vladimir Spivakov.

Application deadlines (for schools and other organizations)

The last date for applications submission is May, 1.

The last payment date for participation in the festival is June, 1.

The application for participation in the contest-festival is to be sent to the e-mail address: festival@integration21.ru 

(Please check the receipt of the application to the specified e-mail address!)

Festival program


June 15

      • arrival
      • transfer to the hotel
      • check-in
      • meeting with the contest organizers
      • rehearsal upon request at the musical school Blagoje Bersa
      • dinner

June 16

      • excursion and swimming for participants (upon request)
      • rehearsal of the opening ceremony of the festival
      • Opening ceremony of the festival at Cedulin Palace square

June 17

contest performances in the Prince’s Palace in nominations:

      • academic vocals
      • instrumental performance

June 18

contest performances in the Zadar puppet theater Lutaka in nominations:

      • pop vocal
      • arts and crafts and fine arts
      • choreography

June 19

contest performances in the Zadar puppet theater Lutaka in nominations:

      • art word
      • drama

June 20

      • excursion and swimming for participants (upon request)
      • master classes
      • closing ceremony of the festival
      • Gala concert
      • awarding of participants of the festival

June 21

      • breakfast
      • excursion and swimming for participants (upon request)
      • check-out
      • transfer to airport
During the festival, you will have unforgettable Master classes with great musicians, outstanding teachers, as well as the meeting with the legendary captain of the Croatian national football team Luka Modric.


Organizing Committee of the contest-festival “Children for a better world»:

      • International school “XXI Century Integration”
      • International children’s charity fund of Vladimir Spivakov
      • Russian Embassy in Croatia
      • Mayor’s office of Zadar (Croatia)
      • Government of the Zadar region
      • Music school Blagoje Bersa (the city of Zadar, Croatia)
      • Zadar puppet theatre (the city of Zadar, Croatia)
      • Concert Bureau of the city of Zadar (Croatia)
Our contacts:

Svetlana Kulichenko
+385 98 915 80 32


Participation fees:

The package price includes:

      • organization of the festival;
      • special diploma;
      • special gifts from the festival organizers;
      • letters of gratitude for team leaders and sponsors;
      • free accommodation for managers/leaders of collectives from 20 participants and more;
      • master classes from the jury members;
      • the Grand Prize in every nomination constitutes 500€.


Accommodation options

Boutique Hostel Forum

Downtown Boutique Hostel

School dormitory

• quadruple room: 26€ per person per day;

• double room: 35€ per person per day;

• single room: 50€ per person per day.
• eight-bed room: 15€ per person per day;

• six-bed room: 20€ per person per day;

• quadruple room: 22€ per person per day;

• double room: 30€ per person per day;
• triple room: 25€ per person per day

• The price includes 3 meals a day.

• Children under 5 years old – 70% discount on accommodation, children 5-12 years old – 50 % discount on accommodation

• If the group includes 20 or more participants, the leader is granted free accommodation.
Amenities are in the room

Breakfast — 8€ (upon request)

It is possible to have a full meal in the student canteen of the University for 25€ per day.
Amenities are in the corridor

Breakfast — 8€ (upon request)

It is possible to have a full meal in the student canteen of the University for 25€ per day.
Amenities are on the floor
The cost of accommodation depends on the selected type of meal, the number of people in the group and individual wishes.

The tourist fee is paid independently at the hotel reception upon check-in and it approximately constitutes 1.35€.

Prices are valid on 01.11.2019

Festival fee:

 The festival fee constitutes 200€.

Complementary services:  

    • excursions;
    • photo-support on walks/excursions, photo session for groups and soloists;
    • transfer from Split to Zadar and back to Split is 30€;
    • individual concertmaster for the international festival-contest;
    • video footage of the contest/gala concert;
    • Croatian visa support for groups of 20 or more participants is offered free of charge.